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GTA 5 Might Be Soon Available On Epic Games Store For Free Download

The lockdown has undoubtedly encouraged the gaming spree more, even if some people might find it hard to believe. Various gaming services such as Microsoft Xbox and Google Stadia are now witnessing a spike in subscribers like never before. To make things even more pleasant, the Epic Games Store is rumored to have something exciting in store for us. 

According to some reports, the digital video game store developed by Epic Games will launch the Grand Theft Auto 5. Gamers might soon be able to download the game for free on the PC storefront and enjoy playing their favorite GTA series. 

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Epic Games has been offering many games for free for a while now. However, the upcoming rumored addition is one of the biggest game titles so far, or that’s what GamePressure noticed and reported. GTA 5 might be already an old game, but it still has that gameplay experience, some players need. The game is also the most-selling game, and it doesn’t seem to stop here with its records.

GTA 5 For Free

It should be remarked that we still don’t have any confirmation about the GTA 5 arrival on Epic Games Store. However, an officially promoted post on Twitter went live and confirmed all the speculations, and then it was removed. The tweet informed gamers that GTA 5 “will be available for download starting today on the Epic Games Store, and everyone can download it for free until May 21.” The deleted tweet also stated that after May 21, the game would return to the normal price tag. 

It would be so great to download GTA 5 for free and keep it for a lifetime. If such a rumor offers at least a hint about the game’s arrival, we should expect the store somewhere in May or in the following months. 



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