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GTA 6 Launch Date News and What to Expect

Rockstar Games made public their plans and some changes for the upcoming game in the series. GTA 6 launch date news also unveils that Rockstar is getting some exciting features for their latest significant games release. It has been known that GTA hadn’t been updated for quite a while now, and with GTA 6 expectations, fans are thrilled to see some changes.

GTA 6 is probably the most expected game in history right now, even if it won’t end up with a PS4 or Xbox One release. Recent speculations indicate that a new addition from Rockstar Games will land shortly in 2020. Also, the new project is known to include some sleek, new various locations. Industry analysts are betting for a later launch after a PS5, and Xbox Scarlett will arrive. Moreover, when the game is finally unveiled, it will be something different yet innovative, something never experienced in the past, mainly because of the Red Dead Redemption 2 arrival on Google Stadia.


GTA 6 could be available on many different devices, even Rockstar’s Launcher for PC. Project xCloud, for example, is a service developed by Microsoft made for bringing Xbox games to mobile phones. So, Stadia and xCloud could allow players to play GTA 6 on their mobile devices, iOS, or Android. Such an improvement will make GTA 6 the most innovative game in the series so far. PCs, consoles, and mobile phones are already enhancing their performance, with one of the most up to date upgrades and features, so this should be great news for GTA players. Moreover, Sony will also make available PS Now in 2020, and it will be a huge hit, even if it would be a limited PS console and PC service. We must pay attention, however, to Red Dead Redemption 2 and GTA 5’s upcoming changes to follow a pattern for what it might in store for GTA 6.



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