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GTA 6 Might Come In December 2020 Along With PlayStation 5

GTA 6 is the most sought-after video game at the moment, but Rockstar Games refuses to talk about it and reveal some details about it. Accordingly, we can only rely on rumors and leaks, but as we have proved you already, some GTA 6 leaks are fake.

But fans would love to find out more about the possible GTA 6 release date. We don’t have anything official yet, so what we’re going to present you here is also based on rumors. So, take it with a grain of salt.

GTA 6 could be an exclusive title on PlayStation 5

Many rumors suggested that GTA 6 would be a PlayStation 5-exclusive title, at least for a period. Again, there’s nothing official in this regard, but it makes sense because, otherwise, the delay in launching the game would be for nothing.

Most probably, GTA 6 will indeed launch for next-gen consoles. But we don’t know for sure if it will launch only for PlayStation 5 but, if that’s accurate, that would be a significant kick in the butt for Microsoft and its Xbox Scarlett.

Could GTA 6 launch in December 2020 along with PlayStation 5?

If the before-mentioned rumor proves to be correct, then GTA 6 might launch along with the PlayStation 5 so that both Sony and Rockstar Games to take advantage of the fans’ eagerness for both the next-gen console and the upcoming Grand Theft Auto title. That would mean more sales, especially since the timing will be excellent, just before Christmas.

A few days ago, a European online retailer listed PlayStation 5 in a list, revealing its release date and price. As they reported, the PS5 would launch on December 4th, 2020. Now, let’s correlate the to leaks. It results that GTA 6 might launch in December 2020 along with PlayStation 5, in case the upcoming game would indeed be a PS5-exclusive title. We hope we’ll receive something official on GTA 6 soon.



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