GTA 6 Release Date Might Coincide with PS5 and Xbox Series X Arrival

The gaming fanbase has been waiting for too much for the arrival of the newest installment of the GTA series. Rockstar didn’t release any official statement, hints, nor discussion about the release of the GTA 6.

The company’s UK franchise Rockstar North, on the other hand, has demanded specific tax admission in that region, indicating the development of GTA 6 with some British content in it. Such a thing hints at the case that the game is currently under development and could receive a launch date very soon.

GTA Fans Could Get Best News Soon

Previous reports indicated that there had been another work at the game, which proves that Rockstar might not make fans wait for too much time to play GTA 6. Such information was released by a source within the company, which revealed that the publishers of the studio require that the game developers must decrease the period between the launch of games.

Usually, game developers obtain the maximum from each of the variants before launching the final and next version. So, when GTA 5 is still purchased in enough numbers, Rockstar chooses to wait before announcing GTA 6. By doing that, it might maintain releasing upgrades to the existing variant. The moment GTA 6 will arrive and be ready for buying and play, the purchase of GTA 5 will virtually reduce.

GTA 6 Release Date Might be Similar to the Next-Gen Consoles

The most appreciated ging consoles, Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 are set to be launch later in 2020. Rockstar North might choose a similar period to release its GTA 6, so that fans can get the best experience with the software and the hardware, as well. Such a decision could increase the sales of the game a lot.

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