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GTA 6 Rumors on Release, Date, Storyline, Map, And More

No official declarations have been made regarding the specifications of the upcoming Grand Theft Auto title, GTA 6. This is why a series of rumors have spread to the Internet, trying to point the appearance and features of the map, characters, storyline, or location in the game.

GTA 6 development and release date

While some state that the game is currently undergoing its early stages of development, others claim that the developers have already managed to accomplish half of the job. An ex-employee of the Rockstar Games studios has revealed on Reddit that the company has been working on the development of GTA 6 ever since 2016. What is even more interesting is that if GTA 6 was released after two years of working, GTA 6 should be ready by now.

The uncertain worldwide situation may cause a series of postponements for the release, given the coronavirus situation. A vast majority of employees working for the gaming studio are self-isolating, even though many studios have managed to complete their projects while employees were working from home. However, we should expect GTA 6 to launch after the release of the next-gen consoles.

The possible storyline and map in GTA 6

The game will bring a heist, revolving around a drug racket. The storyline starts in 1980 and will move towards our days. The main character will be Mori Kibbutz that was initially presented in GTA IV as an episodic character, but now it is rumored that he will take the lead. The story unfolds as you choose what to do, and the ending may be different from one player to another.

The action is based in Florida and will bear a resemblance to the one in San Andreas. The map features four different cities, one of them being smaller than the rest, and all of the terrains will have different characteristics. GTA 6 will bring a large map that would probably be as big as GTA 5 an Red Dead Redemption 2 altogether. Players will enjoy an improved parkour experience and a realistic weapon function.



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