GTA 6 Website Rumors Suggest That Rockstar Studio Might Be Planning An Announcement

Over the past decade, GTA (Grand Theft Auto) had a significant impact on the gaming world, and it’s still one of the most famous games played. Some information from a GTA 6 fan says that the new GTA 6 will be released this year, and it will have a big impact on the market because of the latest additions.

GTA 6 Website Rumors Suggest That Rockstar Games Plans Something

Rockstar Studios are always “under surveillance” because no one wants to miss a thing about the new GTA 6, they have to know even the smallest detail, and that’s why they never miss any news about the subject.

Despite the latest rumors, Rockstar Games are going to hide the fact that GTA 6 will soon be released. They say that any game can be seen but not GTA 6, at least not for the moment. A fan of the franchise saw a small breach on the site destined for GTA 6 (allegedly

The problem seemed to be a little bit shady, to be clear, if you clicked the site, the link was redirecting you to the official Rockstar Studios website. This action revealed “the secret” that was hidden, and the fan realized that the developers of GTA bought the domain so that nobody else can use it probably until everything is safe.

GTA 6 Might Launch Soon After PS5 and Xbox Series X Release Dates

The site is now unavailable. If you try to access the site, the same thing will happen. You won’t be able to connect. Another exciting thing is that the domain’s nameserver located in New York has its new location in Munich.

Something is going on around here, or maybe the devs are using a safety net. GTA 6 has a close connection with the launching of the “two giants” Xbox Series X and Play Station 5 consoles, or it’s just a coincidence. We are curious if the game will be released at the same time with Xbox and Sony’s releases.

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