GTA 6 Won’t Be Released In Time for the PS5 and New Xbox Launch in 2020

While everyone is waiting for Rockstar to gather all their forces and focus on Grand Theft Auto 6 so that they can finally officially unveil it, we kept on speculating the release date, the locations and the story. But as months and years have passed, some reports – even a few hints from Rockstar – showed how close GTA 6 is from being released.

Unfortunately, these the great news we all expected. It seems GTA 6 might be released in fall 2021. Yes, we know Rockstar seemed they were preparing to announce something spectacular, but it definitely isn’t the new GTA.

A few months ago, some reports said that Rockstar Games would reveal their game sooner than we expected. Then, a hip hop group wrote on social media that they had a job with the studio and confirmed the game was being developed. A few weeks after that, a cryptic Rockstar tweet hinted the location GTA 6 could be set in.

But the bad news is that you won’t be able to play GTA 6 when the new PS5 or Xbox Series X consoles will be on the market the next holiday season. The following tweet from @PSErebu is surely just speculation and cannot be verified at the moment:

The same account has made some claims about the price of the PS5. If his statement turns out to be correct, this means the PS5 and Xbox series would hit the stores next holiday season, in 2020, without the big title being ready to play. However, since the two consoles are backward compatible, [players can spend some time in GTA 5 before GTA 6 is released.

We should learn more about GTA 6 from Rockstar at the next year’s gaming events, but until then, we’ll have to settle for rumors and – if we’re lucky – some leaks.

On a side note, a few days ago, a report hinted that Xbox will have the upper hand next year when they would launch the new consoles. That is because it will launch with more exclusive titles and more launch games that the PS5 has prepared. Nonetheless, if the GTA 6 rumor about the 2021 release date is true, neither console will be able to take advantage of a GTA bundle next year before the holidays.

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