GTA Online Adds 12 Retro Arcade Games

Grand Theft Auto Online debuted in 2013, and since then, both good and wrong is to say about the online game. Most of the users complained after a while because of the repetitive and tedious task they had to accomplish. In time, Rockstar Games had made everything in their power to add a lot of new content and to spice things up. Unfortunately, not all players can be satisfied that easy, so Rockstar is coming with something new this time. GTA Online is receiving 12 retro arcade games available at the Diamond Casino Heist.

GTA Online adds 12 retro arcade games to the Diamond Casino Heist

For having access to the new addition, the player must purchase an arcade in the Diamond Casino Heist for pulling a heist in the Casino. For everything to be legit, the players must buy two retro games for the arcade. The twelve retro arcade games are – Badlands Revenge II, Defender of the Faith, The Love Professor, Monkey’s Paradise, Nazar Speaks Fortune Teller, Penetrator, Race, and Chase – Crotch Rockets, Get Truckin’, and Street Legal. And the last three are The Wizard’s Ruin, Space Monkey 3: Bananas Gone Bad, and Shiny Wasabi Kitty Claw.

Moreover, you can play games in solo mode or the multiplayer mode. If you chose to play with multiple players, you would see another type of gameplay, influences, and styles. Also, Penetrator, Monkey’s Paradise, and Defender of the Faith are part of the Degenatron classic games.

Meet Degenatron in GTA Online

A Degenatron mode is featuring the gameplay in the center, with the cheaper games from the ’80s. To sum up, the Degenatron is the old home video game system in the GTA Online world. What is quite interesting about the Degenatron mode is that the company is promoting it. You can find T-shirts with the company logo and a website that looks like the ones from the beginning of the Internet.

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