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GTA V: How to Dominate The Most Popular Open-World Game

If you’ve been wondering from time to time how could you dominate GTA 5, then you’re not alone. A lot of people wanted to dominate the world’s most popular game, and we know the exact recipe to do so. GTA 5 had 110 million copies sold worldwide as for May 2019,  and that speaks for itself for how great the title is.

Besides the main missions, there are tons of exciting stuff to do and find across the huge map of the game. Completing every task makes you the best, and we’re here to lend you a hand.

Find the Peyote Plants

If you don’t like either of the three protagonist characters from GTA 5, Trevor, Michael and Franklin, you should bear in mind that you can become an animal in the game. And no, not by doing missions with Trevor, but by literally becoming an animal. GTA 5 gives you this opportunity if you find one of the 27 Peyote plants. As soon as your character eats one, he’ll be sent into a hallucinating trip where he becomes an animal. You can become a dog, a cat, a bird, a pig, and so on.

Use cheat codes

Cheating is surely not moral and ethical, but as long as you’re playing in single-mode, why not? Besides, to completely dominate a game you must know everything about it, including how to work with cheat codes.

With cheats, you can have the GTA world at your feet. You can get fast cars and helicopters at your disposal, perform super high jumps, become invincible so that you can obliterate cops and their cars, and much more.

Fly under the bridges

You will be rewarded in GTA 5 pretty much every time you successfully fly under a bridge with your plane or helicopter. There are 50 bridges for that matter, and you need to possess some decent flying skills for these actions. However, it’s worth learning, because flying under the bridge without taking any damage is priceless!

Find the spaceship parts

Another great reason for exploring the huge GTA 5 map is to search for the spaceship parts. There are 50 pieces, and the reward is worth fighting for: you’ll get a Space Docker vehicle. You get the chance of starting to find the spaceship parts as soon as you initiate Far Out Strangers and Freaks mission with Franklin.

Find the nuclear waste underwater

The surface of the GTA 5 map is big enough, but there’s a whole new environment as soon as you dive deep under the waters. You can grab a submarine and start searching for nuclear waste, as there are 30 pieces in total. You can start submarine missions as soon as you complete The Merryweather Heist. Then, the option to buy the Sonar Collections Dock in Paleto Cove will unlock.

Make money on the stock market

You can make a huge amount of money by buying and selling stocks during Lester’s assassination missions. There are two stock markets in the game. One is the Liberty City National (LCN), which is affected by the actions you make during the single-player mode. The other stock market is the BAWSAQ, which is bounded to the Rockstar Social Club and it reacts to how all of the GTA players behave.

Perform the stunt jumps on the specific locations

If you want even more adrenaline in GTA 5 and also be rewarded for it, grab a fast car or motorcycle and head for the stunt jump locations at maximum speed. There are about 50 ramps and other launch pads scattered throughout the map. This is something traditional in the GTA series, as you get the chance to defy gravity in a very fun way.

These are our best tips for dominating the most popular open-world game ever – GTA 5. As GTA 6 could be even better, GTA 5 is still a load of fun and doesn’t show signs that it becomes obsolete.



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