Gunship Battle Total Warfare 3.2.1 Brings New Content, Improvements, And More

Gunship Battle Total Warfare military game now has more than a hundred million downloads all around the world. Join the game full of military action that’s happening on land, in the air, or the sea. You’ll get the realistic war experience, and you can get the battlefield on your side, with modern war tactics, like bombing, rallying, airstrikes, and scouting.

Gunship Battle Total Warfare – Features

3D combat is high-quality! The game is built based on a historical background to offer a realistic war experience. And the high graphic quality surely helps at that. You can form alliances with players from different parts of the globe, or compete against each other. There will be a real-time war between partnerships. You can also build a frontline with players from all around the world, and enjoy the game.

The game comes with cutting-edge war weapons. All units and weapons are based on historical background, as well. You can make your own navy, army, or air force units and help them in battle.

The game will ask to get access to photos, media, and files. For updates, the game will also need your permission to save the files on your device. If you want to disable the access authorizations, you will need to go to Settings, to Applications, to Select the App, to Permissions. This will work for Android 6.0 and above. For the lower versions of Android, unfortunately, you cannot revoke permissions, and you will need to delete the app.

So what’s new in the Gunship Battle Total Warfare 3.2.1 update?

The game comes with the Armada Fleet ‘Extermination’ feature. They have also worked on the player quality of life improvements. The developers have also fixed bugs and stabilize the server. The latest Gunship Battle Total Warfare 3.2.1 update is available on the game’s official site and the Google Play Store.

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