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Gwent: The Witcher Card Game 7.3 Update Adds A New Season

Witcher fans know that one of the most interesting features of the third game is the ability to play Gwent, an excellent game that fuses CCG and TCG to deliver an immersive gameplay experience.A standalone version of Gwent is now ready for your smartphone!

Master the cards and strategies and enjoy fast-paced PvP duels against players from all over the world. Can you bluff your way to victory? Will you manage to create the best deck possible? Take control of a strong cast of iconic characters from the Witcher as well as spells and abilities, which can turn the tides in your favor.

Free to play

The game comes with a robust gameplay system, which is fair for everyone, as the focus in on collecting cards and making great decks. New cards can be obtained easily throughout gameplay, and there are no pitfalls or hidden tricks.

Gwent delivers an immersive experience with the help of amazing hand-drawn art, and beautiful visual effects that are are unique to each card and battlefield. Put your impressive collection to good use in skill-based matches where you can outplay your opponent with cunning tactics or sheer might.

Play your way

PvP battles can be fun, but they are only one of the various game modes offered by the title. Invite your friends to action-filled duels or enter the fray and experience thrilling matches with the help of the Arena. There is always something to do and a game mode that matches your mood.

It may seem easy at first since you have to place cards in two different columns for melee and ranged combat types. However, picking the right cards to defeat your opponent can be quite a challenge, and only the one who gathers more points can win the round. Win two out of three rounds, and victory is assured.

The 7.3 update comes with the Season of the Cat and a major rework for artifact removal cards.



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