Hackers Could Lock Smart Chastity Cages Easily

New technological improvements have changed our lives in a significant way in recent years, as the spread of smart features has improved a large number of household electronics and accessories, which is a great advantage for many people.

Sex toys have also started to become smarter in recent years, but new features can also be accompanied by major risks. One security flaw present in a chastity device could mean that hackers can gain control over it and keep it locked against your wishes.

Smart locks

A company is already selling a chastity cage for penises. The Bluetooth-based device can be locked and unlocked by a partner even if they aren’t close to you. However, a cybersecurity company has revealed that API vulnerabilities could allow attackers to seize control over the device and engage a permanent lock.

The lack of a physical lock means that the device relies on an electronic mechanism to be used. High-quality polycarbonate has been used during the manufacturing process, and it ensures that the device is strong and resilient. However, great resilience is not a good thing when it can’t be unlocked.

Power tools

If the electronic lock cannot be activated to open the device, a user would be forced to use heavy tools to remove it, and most people prefer to keep such tools away from the groin area. At this point, it is not clear if someone could use the vulnerabilities, but the potential is significant.

Recent high-profile scandals have forced many companies to take a strict approach when customer information and privacy are involved. However, sex toys can come with significant security flaws, and since they are niche products, many of the vulnerabilities are observed after attackers have already found the means necessary to cause damage.

According to the company which manufacturers the smart chastity cage, one of the two versions is already sold-out.

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