Half-Life 3 Rumors – Release Date, Storyline, Gameplay, And More

Half-Life Alyx is being released after 13 years of silence from its developers. Over more than one decade, Half-Life fans have been asking for upgrades and improvements in the game, as well as new characters and storylines, but the officials failed to respond with a direct Half-Life 3 release.

Now, the Half-Life Alyx can save the honor of the company being an opportunity for them to rerelease their best series. At this time, game developers are not sure about the release date of the game.

The developers, Robin Walker and Chris Remo, stated that they are not sure which is the next project. Whether it is Half-Life: Alyx 2 or Half-Life 3, their last attempt to create the third episode of Half-Life: Alyx 2 was canceled.

The Half-Life: Alyx Is Not Half-Life 3

Half-Life: Alyx is situated between Half-Life and Half-Life 2, having as well a massive implication on the story as a total. The game takes place in city 17, and during the episode, Alyx comes across an enormous arch ceiling situated above the town.

She finds this spot by chance while searching for Gordon Freeman. Instead, she meets G-Man, a supernatural entity that recruits Alyx to the replacement of its rebellious helping hand, Gordon. At the end of the episode, G-Man helps Alyx save her father, Eli Vance, by killing the Combine Advisor.

During the last scene of the event, she understands that she is trapped with serving G-Man and only external help from Gordon and Eli could be successful in saving her.

Half-Life 3 Might Not Be A VR Game

What is so intriguing about Half-Life: Alyx is the impressive VR quality it has, being ranked among the best experience with VR technology one can have. The developers have started experiencing with VR technology since 2015, building the 10-hours game where they included impressive details.

Whether the upcoming games are going to feature VR technology is still subject to discussion. Even though there are many fans of the game, the VR technology is not so affordable. Therefore, this is why the future releases, maybe Half-Life 3, might not include this feature.

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