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Half-Life VR Might Launch In 2020 – Could It Be The Sought-After Half-Life 3?

Recent rumors say that Half-Life VR might launch in 2020. There is increasingly more evidence that the game will come out soon. But could it be the sought-after Half-Life 3? We don’t know for sure, but we hope so. Let’s see more about those rumors.

Fans started debating that a Valve-developed VR game in the Half-Life universe could roll out for the upcoming Valve Index VR headset that should launch by the end of the year. Valve itself suggested that it would release a series of Virtual Reality games right before the release of the Valve Index.

Many fans hope that one of those games would be Half-Life 3. But, is that plausible? Maybe, as the YouTube vlogger Tyler McVicker explained in a video that he spotted the “HLVR” line in the source codes of several Valve devices and software. Mentions of “headcrabs” and “crowbar” also appear more often.

Could Half-Life 3 launch in 2020 as Half-Life VR?

Similar rumors had also emerged about two years ago, so we can’t guarantee the accuracy of these new ones. But, since Valve plans to enter in force in the VR headset market, it has to come up with some excellent titles.

Thinking that Half-Life 3 is the most sought-after game for the fans of the series, so a Half-Life VR title as a sequel in the franchise would be an excellent starting point for Valve Index. Such a game would definitely boost the sales for the upcoming VR headset from Valve.

We don’t know yet is Half-Life 3, be it VR or not, is under development at the moment at Valve. The devs kept the secrecy over the future of the franchise. However, recent rumors point out to a Half-Life VR game, so it wouldn’t be impossible to see a Half-Life sequel next year. We hope that Valve will decide to release a Half-Life 3 game in the future.



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