Halo Infinite Introduces Cool Vehicle Skins and New Armor

Halo Infinite introduces new stuff, including vehicle skins and armors.

Even if Halo Infinite suffered a huge delay earlier this year, it still succeeded in staying relevant. Some of us found it confusing how the delayed sequel’s commercial continued to be pushed by many major brands. 

However, it appears the decision was 343 Industries’ to continue marketing the game and introducing exclusive offers. Included in these deals are the “coatings,” Halo Infinite’s special skins, and the newly added stuff.

Here is what you need to know.

New Armors, Vehicle Skins, and Oher Significant Details

The game studio’s community manager, John Junyszek, discussed recently how those coatings work in Halo Infinite. He shared some ideas and showed off examples of the skins we can expect to renew soon. 

Armor skins

The first skin is the Red Shift Armor coating that suits up what it appears to be a spartan in black, silver, and red armor. This skin will be available for any player who buys Halo or Xbox stuff from a GameStop store between November 9 and December 13. 

Vehicle skins

Another skin is for Warthog, a sleek Azure coating, the first one in Halo Infinite. The skin replaces the famous khaki green “outfit” of the vehicle with a grey and dark blue shade. 

How Coatings Work

According to the latest report, the coatings are “a seven-layer shader” that can be put onto armors, weapons, and vehicles. The new skins will certainly encourage player individuality and expression, turning everything into a more personal experience. 

The developers are also looking to bring the most fleshed-out variant of Halo’s well-known multiplayer to date by creating the cosmetic system and improving other stuff. 

Halo Infinite will surely surprise us with the best content so far! The game will be released in 2021 for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S users.

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