Halo Infinite Might Be Developed On A New Game Engine

The developer team, 343 Industries are revealing the fact that for creating Halo Infinite, they built more than one game. The developers are using a new game engine called Slipspace. And Frank O’Connor, the Halo franchise director, is revealing all the juicy details about it. The idea and purpose of this new engine are to make work easier and to design the next-generation games.

Halo Infinite’s Game Engine – Slipspace

O’Connor is saying that they have thought and created a new engine that is capable and powerful for the next-generation games. Besides this, the developers can work with Slipspace easier and faster. They have thought of developing this engine because now it will be the crucial platform for the next Halo game. Even the engineering director, David Berger, is saying that having new performant tools for the future games is very important.

Besides this, the team at 343 can do a lot of things with Slipspace that weren’t possible with the old devices. So his opinion is the same; every developer needs new tools that can help you and allow you to create the games and add new features in it. Also, the content creators need these kinds of stuff to make the game possible. Moreover, Tom French, who is the multiplayer director, is saying that Slipspace will help the team to try a lot of new things in a short time.

More about Slipspace and Halo Infinite

In this way, the designers have a free hand for creating prototypes and resolving problems quicker than ever. Regarding the new Halo Infinite game, even Brian Jarrad, the 343 community manager, had teased something. He was posting about a Saturday office visit for a playtest. Of course, he didn’t mention what game, but we hope it is Halo Infinite.

In brief, we know that Halo Infinite will come this year, later than we think. But a thing is for sure, if the team is working on the weekend, then they are hurrying it for this game. The game will launch for Xbox Series X, but the users of the regular Xbox One console can enjoy it as well.

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