Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls and Detroit: Become Human Will Come to Steam in June

Quantic Dream is one of the most popular video games studios, having released several PlayStation exclusive titles that offer immersive and thought-challenging experiences.

Almost a year ago, three titles developed by the studio were released on the Epic Games Store, allowing PC players to enjoy them on their machines for the the first time. While the release of the PC ports was celebrated, many gamers were disappointed by the fact Epic Games secured a one-year exclusivity deal.

Landing on Steam

The long wait is almost over as Quantum Games has announced via a post on Twitter that the titles will be available on Steam from June 18, as the exclusivity deal will come to an end. As in the case of other titles that were exclusive to the Epic Store for a limited amount of time, many accused Quantum Dream of being greedy for accepting the exclusivity deal.

Interesting games

The reputation of the studio was established by the release of Heavy Rain, which is considered by many one of the landmark titles developed for the PS3. A significant amount of money has spent on the use of high-quality animations created with the help of motion capture, a technique that was novel at that point.

After four years of development, Beyond: Two Souls arrived in 2013, dividing critics and fans as it featured an improved gameplay experience. Still, the story was more fragmented and nonlinear, an aspect which was was addressed with the release of patches.

Detroit: Become Human was perceived as a redeemer for the studio as all aspects of the game were praised by fans and critics alike, with a large focus placed on the interesting stories and the moral dilemmas which can be associated with the rise of AI-powered robots. This future is less distant than it may seem.

Demos for the three games are already available on Steam.

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