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Here are the Best Instagram Reels Features You Should Try

Instagram has rolled out a fantastic alternative to TikTok, dubbed Reels. 

Instagram Reels features some eye-catching stuff packed with some great hype. Whether you’re curious to give this new thing a shot or take a closer look and learn a few ways to boost your Reels experience, here’s what you need to know. 

Enjoy a Vast Collection of Soundtracks

Instagram Reels brings you a huge library of songs to keep you entertained. So, when it comes to creating fantastic lip-sync short films, Reels proves to be a game-changer. 

The music collection offers a curated assortment of music in keeping with your taste. You won’t waste time anymore looking for your favorites.

Catchy Filters 

Instagram Reels have in store, probably the most refreshing collection of filters! You can choose to add some glam to your videos or try a funnier look; either way, your fun is guaranteed. 

Funny Stickers

Don’t forget about the stickers! Your Reels experience must introduce some fun-loving stickers to the world to prove your great taste.

Reels allows you to use all the emojis and stickers that Instagram has. You can also use some text tools to add a unique touch to your videos. 

Choose Only the Best Part

Reels lets you choose from a massive library of songs, but it also allows you to pick the right part of a song that you might find the most impressive.

Once you have chosen a song, the music selection tool lets you pick a specific part of it. 

Sleek Slow-Mo

Another great feature that you really have to try with Reels is the slow-motion tool. You can create sleek slow-mo videos by working a bit with the video-adjusting settings. There are two options, 3x or 5x, to create a fantastic slow-motion clip. Or, you can choose to speed up things a bit, and put everything in your videos on fast-forward. 



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