Here Are the Best NBA 2K21 Finishing Badges

If you want to equip your slashers with the coolest finishing badges in NBA 2K21, the following guide is for you.

While many NBA 2K21 players will focus only on their MyPlayer builds around playmaking and shooting, those that are looking to make powerful slashers will want to invest more into finishing. Putting points into finishing can offer you huge advantages. Here is what you have to do.

Discover the Best Finishing Badges in NBA 2K21

Even if a player chooses not to go for a finishing-heavy build in the game, and can only equip one or two finishing badges, the following recommendations are still available.

They should also look to use the badges at the top of the list, as the first ones are a cut above the rest and will give players a fair return without much expense. 

  1. Contact Finisher: Contact Finisher will help you get more contact dunks. It can also lead to a growth in undesirable contact layups;
  2. Slithery Finisher: You should prioritize the Slithery Finisher because you’ll be dunking much more, and this will influence the Hall of Fame level;
  3. Relentless Finisher: Controlling the stamina can be a bit challenging in NBA 2K21. Relentless Finisher is undoubtedly the best badge to clear away all the fatigue feelings;
  4. Fancy Footwork: Fancy Footwork is perfect if you’re interested in euros, spins, and hot steps;
  5. Giant Slayer: Giant Slayer is perfect for slashers. It can circumvent the blocks that are made by the Rim Protector takeover in NBA 2K21;
  6. Consistent Finisher: This is the best layup badge in the game. If you feel like you’re missing too many straightforward shots in NBA 2K21, the Consistent Finisher will be perfect for you. 

NBA 2K21 was launched for PS4, Stadia, Xbox One, Switch, and PC users. PS5 and Xbox Series X variants of the game are currently in development.


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