Here Are the Best Pokemon GO Mega Pidgeot Counters

If you want to get ready for the Mega Pidgeot raid, the following guide is everything you need right now.

Pokemon GO will bring a new Mega Raid boss after a week of battling the Kanto-region starters. The Mega Pidgeot Battle Raids will be available starting this Friday (September 18) at 1 PM PDT. 

The upcoming event will give us enough time to think about the perfect counter roster and do what is necessary to power up our team and maybe burn some TMs to provide every Pokemon with the Mega Raid’s right move set showdown. Here is what you need to know. 

Mega Pidgeot Details

Even if the Mega Pidgeot doesn’t sound as intimidating as Mega Blastoise or Mega Charizard, it’s still a Mega Raid. 

High-level players could take this task without a big fuss. However, the average players should make a plan with the usual 4-6 friends to ensure an easy victory. 

Mega Pidgeot is going to be frail to Electric and Rock-type Pokemon. Such a thing means that there are many popular counter options we can use. Hopefully, this means the average Battle Raid players don’t need to blow through too many resources to get a high roster ready for the upcoming fight. 

Be sure to avoid Bug-, Fighting-, and Grass-types, since they’re all kind of weak to Pidgeot’s Normal/ Flying pairing. 

The Best Counters

Rhyperior – SmackDown/ Rock Wrecker;

Zekrom – Charge Beam/ Wild Charge.

Excellent Counters

Electivire – Thunder Shock/ Wild Charge;

Magnezone – Spark/ Wild Charge;

Raikou – Thunder Shock/ Wild Charge;

Rampardos – SmackDown/ Rock Slide;

Terrakion – SmackDown/ Rock Slide;

Zapdos – Thunder Shock/ Thunderbolt.

At the end of the Mega Raid, we will encounter a regular Pidgeot and some of the best resource rewards.

You can play Pokemon GO on iOS and Android devices, in select regions. Stay tuned for more updates and events!


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