Here Are the Best Wasteland 3 Builds: What Should You Know

Wasteland 3 is a praised game that rewards extreme expense and high-specialization into constant builds. 

Mixing Fallout’s irreverence and the tense turn-by-turn gameplay of XCOM, Wasteland 3 is an incredible experience for those who love survival gameplay. So far, the game’s reviews have been positive, calling it fierce, but fair. 

The fair part, however, is accurate, since a significant portion of Wasteland 3 is turning the players’ team into a dedicated squad of heavy-hitters. Such a thing involves a lot of combat, which resembles many things from the XCOM franchise. 

If you’re curious to find which are the best builds in Wasteland 3, here is what you need to know.

Starting Choices

There are many starting teams to pick in Wasteland 3. Each one has their backstory and personality. But which one is the best?

The Tech Heads might be the hardest, to begin with, due to reliance on rare Science gear and low combat stats. So, what should you do?

The Young Rangers ad Punk Lovers need almost the same gameplay, aimed to get the close-to-mid range for real damage. The best choice might be the Father & Daughter squad. Each has unique skills, with one being a long-range sniper/ charismatic talker, and the other being a close-range sneak. 

The duo is perfect for a good start. 

The Healer

The healer build is essential for every squad. Charisma is the most significant attribute for a healer by far, and speed, too. 

Try Pointdexter for more XP. First Aid is a great skill, though it’s nice to have a backup character with the skill to heal the Healer. You can’t respec characters in Wasteland 3. Be sure to commit to a higher Charisma stat from the beginning for a good Healer. 


Melee is always the best idea. A dedicated melee fighter with high Coordination, Strength, and Speed can immediately start hitting things fast. 

Melee can sometimes work perfectly with animals such as the Major Tomcat. Animal Whisperer might be your best choice!


The Sniper is an excellent addition to your squad. A Snipping build, with the longest possible range, focuses on Intelligence to crit damage and Awareness to shot often. 

Death Wish, for instance, makes a great Quirk, allowing the Snipper fire more often. 


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