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Here Are the Best Zoom Alternatives You Might Want to Try

You might be interested in Zoom alternatives because you want to try something new or have privacy concerns. And that’s perfectly fine. 

Some Zoom alternatives offer excellent video calling and video conferencing features if you can’t or don’t want to use Zoom. If you’re looking for a similar Zoom experience, here are some of the best choices. 

Google Meet (Free Service)

Google Meet allows you to hold video calls with up to 250 participants, record meetings, and save them to Drive, and hold presentations. You can send a meeting link to participants outside of your company quickly, anytime you want. Google has also introduced a grid view and integrated Meet with Gmail. 

Skype (Free Service)

Skype is one of the most praised video chat software. The new Skype Meet Now feature allows you to hold up to 50 users. You no longer need an account to sign in, only a link. 

Discord (Free Service)

Discord is popular with gamers, but you can use it for video calls, encrypted chat, and messaging. The Discord has increased the limit for Go Live video calls up to 50 users. 

Facebook Messenger Rooms (Free Service)

Facebook Messenger Rooms is a new feature that allows you to create a private or public video chatroom that can hold up 50 users for an unlimited time. People can join a Messenger Room with only a link. 

Microsoft Teams (Free/Paid Service)

Microsoft Teams lets paid users to hold video meetings for up to 300 people. The service doesn’t provide standard video conferencing features, such as the ability to record meetings and screen sharing. Microsoft Teams includes two Office 365 plans that offer 1TB of OneDrive storage, Office apps, and more. 

The free version has fewer features, but Microsoft has recently released a six-month free trial of the paid variant to meet the current high demand. 



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