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Here are the products we expect Apple to launch next year

Apple is without question one of the greatest tech companies of todayr and each of their new products always make the headlines of technology websites, either with a review, a comparison or a simple reveal video.

Thankfully, 2020 is supposedly going to be an eventful year for Apple, if reports and leaks turn out to be true: It’s believed that Apple is going to release their first 5G compatible smartphone as well as an entry level iPhone.

Here is a list of some of the new Apple devices that are expected to be introduced in 2020:

iPad Pro with 3D cameras

The new iPad Pro could be packing two camera sensors and a 3D Sensor which enables digital reconstructions of the real world around the user. This is rumored to be part of Apple’s plan to introduce augmented reality into the consumer market. 

iPhone SE 

Rumor is spreading that Apple is working on a new version of the famous iPhone SE in 2020. The original iPhone SE was launched back in 2016 and was notably cheaper than Apple flagships, while sharing the same body as the iPhone 5s.

The new version of the iPhone SE is expected to be introduced to the public next spring and feature a 4.7 inch screen like the iPhone 8 does. It will share the same processor as the iPhone 11 and could cost $400, about $300 less than the cheapest iPhone 11 available. 

An accessory to help users find lost items with their iPhone

We all lose objects around our homes, it’s human nature. However, Apple might finally have a solution to help you find the remote control that you lost days ago. Reports hint towards a small gadget similar to the Bluetooth tracker Tile, which consists of a small tag that can be discreetly attached to objects that users tend to misplace like keys and wallets. 

The tiles would be detectable with the help of the “Find My” app that comes preinstalled on all iPhones.

The gadget is rumored to be named “AirTag” and it could be compatible with augmented reality software / hardware.

A new Apple Watch that can track users’ sleep

Apple tends to reveal their new Apple Watch devices alongside the new iPhones in September, so it’s most likely that they will follow the same pattern in 2020.

The next generation Apple Watch could see the addition of sleep tracking technology, a feature that was part of the roster of features from rival devices for many years.

Apple has been reportedly testing sleep monitoring tech this year and they hope to implement the feature as soon as possible.

The next iteration of the Apple Watch will also see a great improvement in waterproofing. 

A new streaming service

Apple might offer three of their streaming services as a bundle subscription in 2020, Bloomberg says.

The bundle would consist of Apple News +, Apple TV + and Apple Music in order to boost sales.

An affordable AirPod

Apple’s HomePod smart speaker is an amazing alternative to Amazon Alexa or Google home, but its pricing kept some potential buyers away. However, this might not be the case anymore, as Apple might  make the HomePod more affordable and appealing to Apple enthusiasts who aren’t really keen on spending over $300 for a Siri-enabled smart speaker.



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