Here Is Why the Xbox Series X Might Be a Disaster Versus PlayStation 5

Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, told that their initial decision could have been a disaster. He said that revealing the new Xbox Series X at The Game Awards last year was not such a good idea.

He said that someone from the marketing team came up with the idea of making something that we’ve never done before and to be transparent with the new design that the console will have.

Though the reveal proved to be a huge success, Phil Spencer was a little bit skeptical because Sony will also reveal its PS5, and the competition is pretty fierce.

Spencer admits that this revealing could go both ways, and although it was a huge success, it could have been a great disaster. It’s not such a good idea to make any decisions without any knowledge, because you will never know how it will payout.

Xbox Series X Vs PlayStation 5

If you like to win, you have to be very bold about your decisions. PlayStation 5 is a top competitor, and the rivals will speculate any bad decision that Spencer will make.

Spencer is not going to back down from the fight, and he promises that the Xbox X Series will be a tough opponent on this market. He explained how a marketing department representative took the attitude, and the idea was changed. The idea was to “think out of the box” and make some changes, she (marketing representative), wanted to do something new over the business and bring innovation.

After this meeting, Spencer promises to be bold in every action and situation that he will have to face.

I’m sure that Xbox will come up with great ideas, and the users will be very tempted to see how “the game will change.” So if you want to see which one of those two giants is the best, you should try both and buy the one you love the most.

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