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Here’s how to make the most out of your iPhone 11 Pro camera

The newly revamped iPhone 11 Pro is one of the most popular releases and upgrades of 2019, especially thanks to its improved camera capabilities. Apple added a third lens to the device to enable ultra wide shots, similar to the ones taken by designated sports / adventure cameras while also shooting superb quality images in low light conditions. 

Here are some tips to improve the photos taken by your iPhone 11 Pro, coming straight from Apple!

Night mode

Shooting at night used to be challenging for most photographers, regardless of the camera they used. However, as time passed, technology advanced exponentially and nowadays taking a high quality picture a night is a piece of cake, but there’s always room for improvement. The first step in improving the quality of your night shots is to identify the primary source of light (even if it’s a very dim one) and then stand firm. Make the subject face the light source in order to benefit from as much light as possible. Keep your balance firmly and tuck your elbows to avoid shaking the iPhone, thus achieving a very crisp image. Ultimately, if the results are still unsatisfactory, you can tweak the settings of the camera app and decrease or increase the number of seconds Night mode takes to capture a great low light image. 

Feel free to play around with whatever light source you are working with. You will discover that the iPhone 11’s Night mode takes care of most lighting problems and returns a very satisfying result most times.

Ultra wide lens

Photographer Matt Van Swol advises fellow photographers to go low when using the ultra wide lens, as he believes that one of the perks of using such camera is the ability to capture both the foreground and background in the same shot with a shocking amount of detail.

In the past, photographers often had to lean, bend or lay in some awkward positions to capture a decent shot. However, the wide angle lens put a stop to that. All you have to do is go low to capture as much detail as possible.


The key to taking awesome portrait photos with your iPhone 11 Pro is distance. Try to stay further away from your subject than you regularly do and you will notice that the level of separation that your iPhone returns suddenly increases. The portrait mode of the iPhone 11 Pro creates depth by simulating the depth of field that you might see on pro level cameras.

Also, try to experiment with the telephoto and wide capabilities. The telephoto lens are amazing at flattening an image, as they take pictures in a similar way sport cameras do. The wide camera works wonders for waist up portraits (that you see all around Instagram nowadays).

Video settings

The iPhone 11 Pro has different frame rates available for shooting 4K video: 24 fps, 30 fps and 60 fps. It’s hard to make a choice, indeed, but here are some guidelines:

The default 4K with 24fps captures pretty much what the human eye sees, while also taking up considerably less storage space on your iPhone.

The 30 fps mode outputs videos in a similar style with those you see on TV.

The 60 fps mode is useful for capturing intense action-packed moments or when you want to heavily edit a video into a slow motion one. However, while the effects are simply amazing, 60 fps 4K video takes up a lot of storage space.



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