Here’s How You Can Add Third-party Apps on Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is an excellent platform where users can access anything and everything without leaving the app. Teams offer most in-house apps, such as Office, OneNote, Skype, and more. 

Besides, the service has a fantastic library of dozens of third-party apps. From Zoom to Trello, you can choose to add any third-party app to Microsoft Teams, and the integration is quite flawless. Here’s how you can add some sleek third-party apps. 

Add Third-party Apps Efficiently on Microsoft Teams

On Microsoft Teams, you can add third-party apps in three places. First, we have the Sidebar, where the apps are only available to you. Then, there is the Chat window, where the apps are available to everyone in your team and provide instant third-party service in the group conversation. Finally, the Tabs is where the third-party apps are shared with the whole team. 

All three places have their features and utility. Here’s how to add third-party apps on the Sidebar:

  • Click on the 3-dot menu to open More Apps;
  • You’ll notice hundreds of third-party apps, and you’ll have to choose only the ones that suit your needs best;
  • Click on Add, and in a few minutes the app will appear in the sidebar;
  • Sign in with your account and enjoy the new app.

Add third-party apps on Tabs

  • Go to the Teams window and click on the “plus” button;
  • You’ll notice lots of first-party services, but if you scroll down then you’ll see the third-party apps;
  • Choose the one that you like and sign-in with your account.

The best part is if a service is not available, you can add it as a website. Click on “Website” and enter the URL. 

Add third-party apps on the Chat window

  • Access the Chat window and click on the 3-dot menu from the bottom-bar;
  • Click on “More Apps” and add any third-party app. 

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