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Hi5 9.26.0 Update Is Ready to Enhance Your Experience

If you’re into social networks, you better know that the world doesn’t end with Facebook and Instagram. There are also plenty of alternatives, and one of them is the good old Hi5. It’s about the same age as Facebook, and it has similar features as it also allows the users to add photos, send comments to each other, and more.

The social network own by Zuckerberg gathered popularity a lot faster and surpassed Hi5, but hardcore fans of the second social network are still relying on it. And now, they have yet another reason: a new update that eases the socializing process.

hi5 9.26.0 update is available for download

Update 9.26.0 for Hi5 is here and waiting for you to take advantage of it. It promises the users that they will have the option to chat and flirt a lot easier with the update. Meeting new people will become an even easier process than before, as you’ll get the chance to make friends and a girlfriend or boyfriend in no time!

In one way, you can even consider that Hi5 is helping the ongoing global fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. By enhancing its social network, it motivates its users, even more, to stay at home as much as possible. Countries all over the world are encouraging their citizens to stay at home as much as possible during the ongoing pandemic, as this measure will drastically reduce the risk of infections. But making friends on Hi5 and chatting with old ones represent a great and addictive way of spending time during the lockdown in a pleasant way.

Hi5 was created by Ramu Yalamanchi on June 27, 2004. The fanbase is still active, and Quantcast once reported that the social network has 2.7 million monthly visitors from the US and 46.1 million worldwide visitors. However, there’s a good chance that these numbers had drastically changed in the meantime.



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