Hitman 3 Gets PlayStation VR Support: Find Out All the Details

During Sony’s recent State of Play Event, IO Interactive confirmed that the newest Hitman series is getting a VR mode for PlayStation VR. 

Sony held a PlayStation State of Play Event to release new details about new PS4 games, PS VR games, and some footage of PS5 games. IO Interactive presented, too, a new trailer for Hitman 3 that announced a virtual reality mode would be released soon. Here is what you need to know.

A Virtual Mode for Hitman 3: What to Expect

Hitman 3 was initially launched in another PS centered event, back in June, at a PS5 conference. It was confirmed that the new Hitman series would be, unfortunately, the last part for the World of Assassination trilogy.

While the series has been hugely praised worldwide, some fans have criticized the game for being somehow repetitive. The addition of a virtual reality mode is now a big chance for Hitman 3 to win those criticizers over. 

The trailer starts with the well-known third-person view that Hitman players have grown accustomed. The camera, however, zooms in unexpectedly to a first-person perspective and offers players a chance to see the world through Agent 47’s eyes. This feature to the game marks the first time that a VR mode has introduced to the Hitman series.

Agent 47 begins soon to walk around the building, a big crowd, and watch others as they venture into the world. Ultimately, the character follows a target into a restroom and pulls out a wire to assumably attack his victim. 

The trailer ends with a title card saying that players can experience each hame in the World of Assassination trilogy of the Hitman reboot in virtual reality. You can watch the trailer below. 

In other Hitman news, the franchise was recently confirmed to joining the Google Stadia game library. The last Stadia event saw the launch of Hitman 3. It was also announced that the other two Hitman parts would be joining the Stadia lineup soon. 

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