Homescapes 4.0.2 Update Arrives With Halloween Event

Many smartphone owners love to use their device to enjoy fun games that can be quite pleasant during a break or when you have some free time and want to relax.

Join Austin the butler and help him to revamp the massive family mansion as challenges and adventures await! With a fun and enjoyable match-3 gameplay system, there are lots of puzzles to complete, decorations to unlock and a large variety of interesting content that will keep players busy for a long while.

Fun gameplay

Move and match the pieces to help Austin around the house as he renovates old rooms and revamps furniture. Make the right combinations and enjoy impressive combos and entertaining visual effects! There are lots of furniture and design pieces that can be selected, and players can customize the mansion according to their wishes.

The mansion is also huge and filled with interesting secrets that await curious players. Austin isn’t the only inhabitant as there is a large cast of interesting characters, each with their own story and interactions that can be accessed with the help of the in-game social network.


Unleash your creativity and create the mansion of your dreams as you redecorate every room with fresh furniture and new decorations. Bring new life to the kitchen, hall, dining room, and other places around the mansion. Enjoy the presence of a sweet companion in the form of a cute cat!

The game also comes with a series of fun mini-games that will offer a distraction as you try to repair malfunctioning household appliances. Keep an eye on what you are doing, or some of the furniture could be damaged, forcing you do redecorate again. Optional season passes will also offer more goals and additional content!

Th 4.0.2 update comes with a fun Halloween event, new items, and a new playable area!

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