Horizon Zero Dawn 2 Confirmed to be Under Development – Compelling Info Starts Spreading

The first Horizon Zero Dawn game won some interesting awards for its story, as it brought an exciting action role-playing world for the gamers to enjoy. Released in February 2017 by Sony and being developed by Guerrilla Games for PS4 consoles, Horizon Zero Dawn has sold in over 10 million copies worldwide. Furthermore, the fans are waiting for a sequel. Whether Horizon Zero Dawn 2 will arrive in the near future or not, we are free to speculate and search for answers.

And perhaps the best hint we have yet for the arriving of Horizon Zero Dawn 2 is a job offer made by the developers from Guerilla Gamers themselves, who are searching for a Senior AI Programmer. Furthermore, the post has the hashtag #ps5.

Horizon Zero Dawn 2 Speculations

This led to the obvious speculation that the company is working on a sequel for Horizon Zero Dawn 2, and the plan is to make it available exclusively for the upcoming PS5 consoles.

Guerrilla was very clear in its announcement:

“We’re looking for a Senior AI Programmer, who can make a difference in the design and implementation of the systems that make our NPCs come to life! #guerrilla #ai #programming #playstation #ps5 #sony #amsterdam #lamsterdam #gameprogramming #programm…”

Therefore, if you’re a skilled programmer who’s looking for work on a game that announces to be a very popular one, you might consider applying for the job.

Does Guerrilla say something about Horizon Zero Dawn 2?

No, there’s no statement from the development company whatsoever about starting the work for the next Horizon Zero Dawn. But a three years gap since the first game of the series arrived and until starting work at its sequel seems like a more than a reasonable amount of time.

We’re expecting to find out soon new info about the Horizon Zero Dawn 2 sequel, and the possibility that it will arrive for PS5 is magnificent.

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