Hotspot Shield VPN 7.9.0 Update Comes With New Bug Fixes

The ability to access the internet from the palm of your hand is one of the best features of a smartphone, but it also comes with some security risks as attackers want to steal valuable data.

Hotspot Shield is a top-tier VPN that is so fast that it has received the title of world’s fastest VPN from SpeedTest. Secure your device and browse the internet without the need to worry about what you are doing or the ways in which hackers may try to attack your device.

Fast and effective

Hide your IP address and location with a single tap, as all the traffic will be encrypted to ensure your privacy. Gain access to services that aren’t available in your country due to geo-restrictions, including popular streaming or social media apps.

With the help of a custom networking solution, Hotspot Shield offers the fastest VPN service on the market, as well as reliable and secure connections that are easy to use. Choose from an impressive number of servers spread across more than 80 countries from different continents, including the US, Japan, India, and more.

Safe and private

A strict no-logging policy will ensure that no one has access to information related to your internet activities, including the developers of Hotspot Shield. Millions of people from all over the world rely on VPN services provided by Hotspot Shield to keep their devices safe.

It is easier than ever to avoid some of the most dangerous attempts to capture valuable data, as attackers may harness look-alike sites to fool users. Dedicated anti-malware and anti-phishing protocols will keep you away from shady sites and ensure that you aren’t exposed to any scams, including some that may cause serious problems.

The latest update for the app, 7.9.0, comes with new bug fixes that enhance the user experience.

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