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How Apple Could Market The Next MacBook Models

Apple’s decision to drop Intel in favor of in-house silicon developed with ARM architecture as a base has been one of the interesting changes announced by a large-scale technology company in 2020, especially since the ability to create desktop and laptop-grade processors is quite impressive.

Dedicated fans are excited by the new and exciting road that is being followed by the company. In an ideal world, the transition should be as smooth as possible, with the benefits of using ARM being under the spotlight for a while.

Refreshed range

ARM will bring numerous benefits for the MacBook range, and it is clear that Apple is hard at work on reducing or eliminating any potential issues related to app compatibility or other potential tech problems that could affect the experience of new, current and returning MacBook users.

Some voices argue that the MacBook Air range could be retired. When the range was released, it represented the option to enjoy an ultraportable device with an impressive battery life and a lightweight design that made it easy to move around. However, in recent years weight and size differences have been minimal, with the Air becoming a stripped-down version of other models.

Dropping tags

Recent reports are quite interesting, as it is suggested that a 13-inch MacBook Pro model powered by ARM could arrive this year, with additional versions of the 16-inch model arriving in 2021 and 2022. Intel-powered MacBook Air and Pro models will also remain on the market for a while.

Some speculate that Apple may drop tags like Pro entirely by deciding to offer several MacBook configurations for different sizes. An example of this approach was observed in 2015 when the company released a 12-inch MacBook, which was in the middle ground between the Air and the Pro range.

Only time will tell what will happen, but the future seems quite promising for now.



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