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How to Change Camera Settings in Madden NFL 20

EA’s Madden series is one of the most popular sports games in the world, as it is enjoyed by millions of players who love American football and the NFL. Madden NFL 20 was released last year as the latest entry in the series, and it comes with an assortment of features that are quite popular among players.

The franchise mode has received a significant one up in the form of the QB1 feature, which offers the option to create a personalized quarterback and start your journey through the Pro Bowl League.

Many players also enjoy the new camera settings that were added to the game, which offer spectacular glimpses in action with the help of special highlights and zoom-in moments. However, it can be a bit daunting to pick the right choices for your gameplay style, especially if you are new to the series.

How to Change Camera Settings in Madden NFL 20

Start by launching the game and going to the settings menu. Scroll until the camera settings are visible on the screen.

Several changes can be customized according to your needs within the game, with the primary one being camera zoom. It is quite easy to change the camera zoom as this setting can be changed quite easily by selecting the option and using the d-pad.

By pressing the up and down buttons, the zoom can be increased or decreased. Press longer for a bigger change or in short bursts to fine-tune the zoom level. Any changes will be saved automatically, so there is no need to worry if you have to leave the settings menu quickly.

Another important camera setting is the camera angle. Here the options can be customized for defense and offense, which is great if you want to underline specific moments.’ There are many other camera settings in Madden NFL 20 that can be changed and altered, including pass cam. It is advised to tinker with the settings until you find the best combination for you.



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