How to Disable News Headline Notifications on Android Devices

Android-powered smartphones are the most used mobile devices in the world, with the operating system offering incredible features and functionalities the iOS doesn’t.

The system allows for news headlines to show up in the notification settings, which is a fairly new feature. However, if you do not want to see these notifications all the time, you have the option to disable the option.

Here Is How to Disable News Notifications on Android

Turn Off News “Notifications”

It is rather important to figure which app is sending the news headlines to the notification center because this would determine the technique you need to use in order to disable the feature:

  • ​Find out the app that’s been sending the notifications
  • Head to ‘Settings’ and select the ‘Apps & Notification’ section
  • Tap on the app that sends the headlines
  • Change the settings for it so it won’t send you notifications anymore

Disable Google News Notifications

  • Search for the Google News app (if you cannot find it, type ‘News’ into the search bar in the phone)
  • Tap on the Google profile photo and head to the settings menu
  • Select the ‘Notification’ option and disable the feature

Disable Irrelevant Notifications on Google News

If you have certain preferences when it comes to Google News notifications, you can only disable the ones you do not want, but keep the ones you prefer:

  • Head to the Google News app
  • Tap on the profile photo, and go to the settings menu
  • Head to ‘Notifications’ and keep the toggle activated for ‘Breaking News’ but turn off the other
  • Options (if the feature is activated, the toggle should be blue)

Bottom Lines

There is no problem with incoming news notifications, but issues might arise the moment your mobile phone gets filled with things you do not want. By disabling or only keeping important notifications on, you’re also making sure that the time you spend on the smartphone decreases.

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