How To Download Fortnite On Android, After It Was Banned!

If you are a fan of Fortnite, times are tough for you. Worry not, Android users, as there is a way to play the game still!

After Epic introduced a direct payment system in the Fortnite app, the game was removed from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for policy violations.

Download The Epic Games App

With the Epic Games App, you will be able to download the Fortnite installed.

Once you get the installer, you can install Fortnite.

The Epic Games app was available on the Google Play Store.

Unfortunately, since the scandal, you might need to look elsewhere for the app on other app markets.

Use a web browser on your smartphone and navigate to

Tap the banner for the Epic games app.

A prompt to allow third-party file downloads will pop up. Tap “ok.”

The EpicGamesApp.apk will be downloaded. Open the file.

If you can’t open it, allow permission from unknown sources.

Open the same apk file again. It should now be ready to install.

After it finishes installing, open it.

A big Fortnite banner will be available. Tap it!

A prompt asking you to install the game will be displayed. Tap the install button.

You will be presented with a progress bar.

After it finishes installing, tap the launch Fortnite button.

Samsung Devices

If you own a Samsung device, go to the Galaxy Store and install the Epic Games app. From that point, follow the same in-app procedure.

Apple Devices

Unfortunately, there is no option to re-install Fortnite on devices running iOS or iPadOS.

For the moment, the Fortnite gaming app is unavailable.

Stay tuned to learn if a solution is published!

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