How to Earn Free Robux in 2020 in Roblox

Roblox is a successful multiplayer online video game that has captured the attention of more than 100 regular users, accessing the platform at least once a month. In addition to this, the Roblox is becoming increasingly appreciated by a broad public, which results in an impressive increase in the number of first-time users that join the community daily. The in-game currency is Robux. Here, we’ll show you some ways to earn free Robux.

How to Earn Free Robux in 2020 in Roblox

The game features the option for gamers to purchase their desired items paying in the game’s virtual currency. However, there are moments when people cannot afford to buy their own Robux. Here you can find how to earn the game’s money for free using specialized resources.

The most effective way would be to join surveys. Many sites are asking gamers to fill in some forms in exchange for points that can be used to purchase your personal Robux.


A popular choice of these kinds of sites is LifePoints that allows users to earn incentives while completing tasks and surveys. After that, you can redeem your point using a PayPal account. Other trustful sites are SurveyJunkie and SurveyVoices.

Another exciting option is downloading the Robux apps on your smartphone. The game has received 500.000 downloads in just a couple of months after its release.


Bloxmate is an app that helps users earn rewards after completing several tasks. Then they can convert their prizes into free Robux and transfer them to the Roblox account through a Builders Club membership.

Robux 2020

Another app is Robux 2020, featuring a wheel where players can receive money. There is no limited amount of times or prizes, and that is what makes this app so attractive.


InbocDollars is a popular app that allows its users to receive gift cards and cash after completing missions. The gifts can be converted to Robux or other games such as Fortnite. In addition to this, users can ever receive gift cards for eBay, Steam, or Amazon.

The Bottom Line

Roblox is widespread, and earning free Robux in 2020 might be attractive. However, some of these apps might not be entirely legit ways to get Robux. We will keep you posted with updates regarding the eligibility of the before-mentioned apps.

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