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How to Enable Adobe Flash Player in Google Chrome

Adobe Flash Player has played an essential role in the development of the modern internet. The beloved plugin has been a staple for web developers who wished to offer interactive content, but time has not been kind.

As new technologies became available, developers switched from Flash to other standards, which were easier to use while offering more features. In 2017 Adobe announced that it plans to retire the obsolete plugin in 2020. However, there are still lots of sites that rely on Adobe Flash to display content. Read below to learn more about the iconic plugin and how you can enable it in Google Chrome.

The fall of Adobe Flash Player

In its prime Adobe Flash was popular, but it was far from being perfect. The plugin was notorious for security flaws, which could be exploited by hackers with nefarious purposes. Adobe tried its best to address all the security issues which were found, but some companies refused to use or allow the use of the standard.

Apple was one of the advocates against Flash, and Steve Jobs, the CEO at the time, released a famous open letter in which he explained and argued the position of the company against the plugin.

As time passed, hackers continue to uncover new exploits. Google was one of the first companies which decided to pull the support for the plugin, which is disabled by default in Chrome after version 76. When users try to access a page that features flash content they will not receive a prompt to enable the feature.

Activating Flash

If you want or need to use Flash, it is still possible to activate it manually by granting select pages the permission to do it. This can be done by going to Settings/Manage and enabling permission. There is also the option to click on the lock, which can be seen in the address bar and clicking on Site Settings to access the permissions for a specific site.



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