How to Fix ACPI BIOS ERROR in Windows 10


Regardless of the purpose, we are all using our computers throughout the day for anything that we might need. However, it gets frustrating when the computer is not able to start, and an error pops up, showing that some bugs are threatening your computer. One of the most encountered errors in Windows 10 is ACPI BIOS ERROR, which does not allow the users to access their System.

ACPI is the Advanced Configuration and Power Interface that mainly deals with the power consumption not only on laptops but also on mobile phones. It was released in 1996 and is responsible for configuring computer hardware components, which implies to turn on and off the device and change the power consumption criteria when there is not enough energy available.

Tips to fix ACPI BIOS ERROR in Windows 10

This System fails mainly because the configurations have not been properly installed. Additionally, corrupted files or any conflict with the system drivers, as well as infestation with viruses and malware that are faced by your computer, can also trigger this error. Here is how to fix these issues by yourself.

When encountering an ACPI BIOS ERROR while starting your computer, you should update your drivers, since the main problem is that the drivers are not compatible anymore with your device. To do so, reboot the PC and search for the hardware manufacturing site, where you need to spot which are the necessary models and simply install them. Should you not be sure which are the drivers that you need to update, it is advisable to upgrade them all.

Another option is to make a backup of your System and restore all the files. First, search for a restore point in the Windows search box. Open the folder named System Protection and select System Restore, click on Next and pick up your restore point.

Carefully read all the information and wait until the restore process is finished. Hopefully, these tips help you fix the ACPI BIOS ERROR in Windows 10.

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