How To Fix iPhone Touch ID Not Working

Touch ID is the feature which enables all iPhone users to unblock their phone by using a fingerprint identity sensor. Another thing that users can do with their fingerprint is purchasing things from iTunes and App Store as a method of security. This feature has been present since the release of Apple 5s.

However, sometimes the Touch ID may stop working for some reason. This will undoubtedly affect one’s day to day activities on the phone because of the easiness to use of this feature.

How To Fix iPhone Touch ID Not Working

Sometimes the causes of this sensor’s crashes are simple. Iphone’s home button might be dirty and cleaning it with a soft cloth is the most effective way to get it to work. Additionally, users may not notice, but event the smartphone case might block the button. In other instances, the finger might be dirty or merely oily. If none of the above solutions has worked, it is time to solve this issue directly from the system. To do so, users need to unlock their phone and follow the steps.

The first solution needs that the user goes to the settings function clicks on Touch ID & Passcode, the swipes off the button. After waiting for a couple of seconds, the user turns it back on.

The second solution requires going in the same place, but instead of turning on and off the feature, the user has to delete and then re-add the fingerprint. One quick tip is making sure that the fingerprint is registered correctly.

The third solution is a straightforward one. Sometimes the device might be overused and needs refreshment. This can be achieved by restarting the phone. If the Touch ID is not working after updating the iPhone to the latest version of IOS, users need to wait for a day. In the meantime, the device has plenty of time to actualize all the data in the system.

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