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How to Fix the FIFA 20 Lagging Issues on PC

The FIFA 20 PC version is known for its extensive series of bugs and errors, which can cause problems to the users when starting the game and even during the match. The FIFA 20 lagging issues may be caused by DirectX rendering error.

Should you experience the same issues, here, you can find a list of steps on how to fix this error. The players have been reporting this issue for a long time, regardless of the cutting-edge technology that their high-end computers present.

How to Fix the FIFA 20 Lagging Issues on PC

Firstly, you need to go to the File Explorer or on My Computer and open the game folder. Right-click on the setup of the game named “fifasetup” and use Notepad to open it. Look for “DIRECTX SELCT=0” and change 0 to 1. To save all you change click on CTRL+S.

Another idea to fix this issue is by disabling your Antivirus program should you have one on the computer. After making sure that the game is working correctly, you can enable your antivirus back.

Additionally, you can open the NVIDIA Control Panel from the desktop background where you can open the Control Panel of the app and select the Manage 3D Settings. There, you need to choose the “Program Settings” and add them to the High-Performance Nvidia Processor according to the designated graphics processor for this application. Then, go to Vertical SYNC and apply it to save all the settings.

If none of these methods are active, try making sure that the game is running correctly on the graphic card such as Nvidia, Intel, or AMD. Otherwise, as a last resort, you can uninstall and re-install FIFA 20 since there is a high possibility for a corrupted file to interfere and cause the lagging issues, or that the latest updates were not installed successfully causing the failure of the system.



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