How To Fix The Samsung Galaxy S20 “Not Registered on Network” Error

Galaxy S20

Samsung Galaxy S20 is the most advanced Android device at the moment, sporting lots of features and high-end specs thanks to the smartphone under the hood components. However, sometimes, even the most performant gadgets in the world present issues. In case your Samsung Galaxy S20 shows the “Not Registered on Network” error, don’t worry. There are some solutions to solve that.

The Cause of the Galaxy S20 “Not Registered on Network” Error

This issue appears due to several problems, both software- and hardware-related. Among the most common ones, there are faulty SIM, an incorrectly mounted one, third-party apps that conflict with the network, and, as we’ve mentioned, a broken SIM-card reader.

In most cases, this error is not a hardware-related one, so, before heading to a local Samsung store, you should try some quick steps to sort out this annoying issue.

How to Fix the Samsung Galaxy S20 “Not Registered on Network” Error

Reset Your Device

Sometimes, an app might act chaotic and cause a conflict with the network settings. That could also affect mobile data, WiFi connection, and even the cellular one. You should try restarting your device and see if that solves the issue. If not, move on to the next solution.

Remount The SIM Card

Turn off your Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphone. Then, pull out the SIM from its tray and mount it back in. Now, you should restart the device.

Force Reset Your Galaxy S20

You may wonder what’s the difference between a reset and a “force reset.” Well, the latter will “kill” all the processes and background apps when you choose it. In short, your smartphone will restart all the processes when it boots. Here’s how to do it:

  • Hold Volume Down and Power buttons concomitantly
  • Keep the keys pressed until the Samsung logo pops up on the screen and release them
  • Wait until the Galaxy S20 reboots

Reset Network Settings

On many occasions, the Samsung Galaxy S20 “Not Registered on Network” error appears due to some faulty Network Settings. Accordingly, you should try resetting those:

  • Go to Settings -> General Management -> Reset
  • Select “Reset network settings”
  • Tap on “Reset settings” in the following screen and confirm your selection once again

This should solve your issue. However, if the problem is more troublesome, then you have to try the following solutions.

Start Your Samsung Galaxy S20 In Safe Mode

Sometimes, issues on Android devices are due to conflicts between the apps. Third-party apps are the culprits in most of the cases. Here’s how to boot your S20 in Safe Mode:

  • Press the Power key until the menu shows up
  • Then, hold the Power Off virtual button until the Safe Mode menu pops up
  • Then, select Safe Mode and confirm

If your smartphone receives a GSM signal in Safe Mode, then an app is the culprit for the “Not Registered on Network” error. You can check out which app you have installed right before the issue appeared and uninstall them to see if the problem is sorted out.

Master Reset

This is the ultimate solution you should apply. This one will erase everything on your Samsung Galaxy S20, including your data, apps, and so on. Before proceeding, you have to back up everything that you need to save.

Here’s how to perform a master reset on S20 models:

  • Shut down the smartphone
  • Hold Power and Volume Up buttons until the logo appears
  • You should now be in the Recovery Menu
  • Using Volume keys to navigate and the Power button to select go to “wipe data or factory reset”
  • Select it and go to “Factory data reset”
  • Choose the option, then “Reboot system now”

The Bottom Line

In case the before-mentioned solutions don’t work, then the Samsung Galaxy S20 “Not Registered on Network Error” might be due to a hardware glitch. It might be your SIM card or the device’s SIM reader. If that’s the case, contact Samsung for further assistance.

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