How to Get More UC in PUBG Mobile – Three Easy Ways for an Easier Gameplay

If you are familiar with battle royale games, then you have probably heard of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. The game has a mobile version, as well, PUBG Mobile.

The game uses microtransactions, like most games of this type, do – Unknown Cash, UC for short. Did you know that you can get them for free? We have written this article to tell you how.

The price of UC is based on the ratio of 60 to 1. This means that $1 = 60 UC. Unfortunately, right now, there is no way to get them for free, and I know you are disappointed. But you can use hacks or exploits.

How to Get More UC in PUBG Mobile

The first way: Free Google Play Credits

Have you heard about Google Opinion Rewards? Google designed this app to give users money for every survey they complete. It was first launched in 2017, and it’s great if you want to make money.

You need to download the app and make an account. Then start doing surveys. When you made enough money, withdraw it by choosing Google Play as the payment method. Then, you can upgrade your account or buy UC directly. It’s better than using a PUBG Online free UC hack.

The second way: Elite Royale Pass Rewards

This might take you some time and money. For this one, you will need to spend $10, but only once. You need to open the game and buy 600 UC. You will also get 60 bonus UC. Then, you need to buy the Elite Royale Pass, which costs 600 UC.

Then, try to complete every weekly mission that you get. If you keep doing this, you will get enough UC to buy another Elite Royale Pass and start all over again. By doing this, you will also get other things, such as cosmetics, new moves, and new cards.

If you gain RP, you will get UC – 30 UC for every 5 RP. If you do all the missions in 8 weeks, you will get your 600 UC back. You can use them to buy another pass then, and do it all over again as much as you want.

The third way: Upgrade your Account

If you play the game without actually spending cash, you won’t be able to get UC in this game for free, even if you’re the best, and you win every battle. But if you get an Elite Pass or a Royale Pass, then the story changes.

Every single time you complete seasonal missions, which is something you can do only if you own a pass, you will get different prizes and also rewards. One of the prizes is UC. It’s the best chance you got if your phone is not modded or rooted. You can also try to get a PUBG Mobile pass as a gift from a friend.

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