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How To Have Your iPhone Repaired At Home

Apple is on fire! The company has recently started to offer a new repair service for its users, in which one of its authorized service providers will literally come to your home or to your office and will repair your device.

You can get access to the service through Apple’s support site, where you can also see an onsite repair option, additionally to the mail-in services and the existing instore. “In select locations, onsite service may be available,” as stated by the company on the site.

The repairs are all offered through Go Tech Services. Its website puts it as an Apple Authorized Service Provider. Right now, the website of the company states that its repair services can only be required through Apple’s support site.

The repair your iPhone at home service is limited to some area in the USA

The repair service from the site is limited right now. According to some sources, it is only available in 6 cities in the US: Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Houston, Chicago, and Dallas. And it only covers a specific type of repairs.

When you go through Apple’s support site, you can see that the team can do iPhone screen repairs, but the service is not available for iMacs or any other kind of repair for iPhone – for example, troubles with the battery. There’s also an onsite visit fee which may be charged besides the repair cost.

This is not the very first time that Apple has offered onsite repairs. AppleCare for Enterprise is only available for companies and organizations with thousands of devices. The limited number of repair options suggests that the service is not for everyone, but it’s still good that there exists this kind of service.



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