How to Join the PUBG Mobile Beta Program

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to become a Beta Tester for a game? Well, we’ve got news for you!  The most popular game of the year 2019, PUBG Mobile, has come up with an offer to join their testing team. This is an official fact guys — users are welcomed to become Beta Testers. How cool is that?

If you still don’t know which game was the most popular in 2019, take a sit. Ladies and gentlemen, gamers around the world, we are talking about non-other than PUBG Mobile! Here’s what PUBG Mobile officials wrote on their twitter account: “Wanna get an opportunity to try the new content before anyone else and provide your feedback to the team? Come and apply to be a part of the PUBG Mobile Beta Testing Group! Fill out the survey below for a chance to get selected –”

What exactly are Beta Testers?

The definition of a beta test is a type of testing period for a computer product, in this case, a game before any commercial or official release. Beta testing is considered the last stage of testing and usually involves distributing the product to beta test sites and individual users outside the company for real-world exposure.

Being a beta testers doesn’t mean you are a professional tester, and you don’t have to be an experienced person in the testing field. It means that ordinary users, like you and me, can test the games for PUBG Mobile. PUBG Mobile is letting us check the elements and features added by the developers.

Join the PUBG Mobile Beta Program

Which by other words, they are saying: “Hey, your opinion counts, thank you!” PUBG Mobile team is interested in your suggestions regarding the features of the game, which could, therefore, be added to the original version. Individual users will be able to test the features added by the developers and suggest changes to be made.

Do you want to join the beta testers team for PUBG Mobile games? Click the link mentioned above in their tweet and give it a try!  Follow the procedure by inserting the details required, such as Player ID, Skill Level, the average time you spend on PUBG Mobile, etc. The users selected by the survey team will be contacted personally.

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