How To Schedule-Post Tweets – New Interesting Feature

Twitter has finally introduced the option to schedule tweets. People have been asking for that feature for a few years, and the developers have finally answered our prayers. You can now schedule your posts throughout the day instead of posting them at random hours in the night.

The tweet scheduler is pretty simple to use since it’s mostly based on the regular Twitter UI.

Here’s what to do to set it up:

How To Use The Feature

Open the Twitter app and begin writing a new tweet. The feature works with Tweet threads and single tweets alike.

Tap the calendar icon located at the bottom side of the tweet editor window. That will open the new schedule menu.

The drop-down boxes allow you to pick the precise date and time you wand your tweet(s) to post at. After you have chosen a date and time, wrap up your tweet as usual. It will post right on schedule, as you would expect it to.

If you aren’t sure when you want a tweet to be posted but want to have it ready for later, you can tap “Save Draft.” 

When you decide the right time, reopen the calendar menu, tap on “Scheduled tweets,” and then tap on “Drafts.”

There is a dedicated button for drafts in the upper-right corner of the screen if you are using Twitter from the designated app.

You can also explore the “Scheduled” tab from the calendar menu to check out your saved drafts and schedule tweets. You can modify them at any time. 

The newly added feature is handy, primarily when you work at odd hours and don’t feel like posting a tweet in the middle of the night. The worldwide community is happy to see that the Twitter developers have finally answered to its requests. 

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