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How to Set Up Android Lock Screen Notifications

We still have to wait a little bit more for Android’s Ambient Mode, but that doesn’t mean we couldn’t enjoy another future. By getting it right, Android lock screen notifications could be a real helper.

Choose what you want to see, and what you consider significant by following the next steps. Start by accessing your device’s settings, select the ‘Apps and notifications’ key, and then the ‘Notifications’ option. Find the Lock Screen feature and pick ‘Notifications on lock screen’ for selecting if you want to display wither alerts or silent notification, both of them, or why not, none at all.

Moreover, there is another option, ‘Sensitive notifications,’ which allows you to display or not private data on your lock screen. By choosing not to show any private data, you will see only the app of the concerned notification.

How to Set Up Android Lock Screen Notifications

Also, decide what app you want for your lock screen. Access the handset’s settings, followed by ‘Apps and notification’ and ‘notifications.’ There you will see which are the apps that sent notifications, and select ‘See all from last 7 days.’ Further, tap to the right of the desired app to turn off its notification, in case you don’t want it to show notifications.

For more customization such as news headlines, flight timings, or reminders, activate your Google Assistant. By simply choosing the ‘box’ feature at the lower left of the screen, then tap on your display image for accessing the settings menu. For accessing the Assistant Key, go to the ‘Assistant devices’ feature and pick your handset.

Then, go to the ‘personalized’ category and select ‘personal results. Ultimately, pick ‘look screen personal results’ to permit the results to appear on your lock screen. Ambient Mode is set to run on the majority of Android smartphones soon.



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