How to Stop GTA V from Crashing on PC?

Grand Theft Auto 5 is an amazing game, especially when played on PC. However, the game often crashes, so we have taken the time to write this article to explain how you can fix the issue.

How to fix it

In order to solve this issue, we must first have a thorough understanding of it. It can be a combination of an outdated version of the game and a corrupt graphics card, for example. Regardless, let’s see what can be done.

  1. Install the latest version of the game

If you have an older version of Grand Theft Auto 5, the game can simply crash when starting. Should the game be outdated, make sure to check for any updates on the Rockstar website or on Steam. Make sure to install it to properly run the game.

  1. Update your graphic card driver

If your graphic card driver is outdated, it can also cause your game to crash. People going through this should make sure to update it, either automatically or manually. That can be doe by visiting the website of the manufacturer and installing it.

  1. Make sure that your CPU is not overheated

Overheating can be a real problem for all PCs. Of course, computers do not run properly if the internal temperature is well above the norm. Should the game keep crashing, make sure to check for any possible overheating and ventilation space. You can also simply turn your PC off.

  1. Start up vertical sync

This setting has helped users run GTA V better. That is because the frame rate can be synchronized and stability is improved. To start it up, just open the game settings, and press VSync in the menu. Then, make sure to restart GTA V.

  1. Lower your Graphics

Make sure to open GTA V and set all options in the “Graphics” tab to normal or even to low. This will improve the game’s performance.

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