How to Stop Windows 10 Updates?

Windows 10 is not only the best operating system made by Microsoft, but it may remain like that for a long while since it keeps receiving updates. The tech giant headquartered in Redmond (Washington) is continuing to encourage its users to make the upgrade to Windows 10 since Windows 7 is officially dead.

But regardless of how a great operating system Windows 10 is, there are some moments when you want to get rid of some of its features. And today we’ll be discussing about pausing its updates, and we propose several ways of doing so.

Turn on Metered Connection

If you want to stop the background internet activity while on mobile data, you can do it by following these steps:

  1. Head for ‘Settings’ from the start menu.
  2. Select ‘All Settings’.
  3. Choose ‘Network and Internet’ and next go to ‘Status’.
  4. Head for ‘Change connection properties’.
  5. Find the ‘Metered Connection’ and turn it on.
  6. When you need the updates to be resumed, turn off the bar.

Use the Command Prompt

If you’re a programmer, advanced tech passionate, or you simply want a more complicated method, you should try this one out.

  1. In the ‘Start menu’, type ‘cmd’ and the ‘Command Prompt’ will emerge. Right-click on it, and you will find the ‘Run as Administrator’ option. Select it.
  2. Type this command:

> net stop wuauserv

> net stop bits

> net stop dosvc

Thus, the updates will stop.

Turn on Flight Mode

This one is pretty simple and doesn’t require advanced skills. Use these simple steps and you’ll get rid of the updates in no-time:

  1. Select the ‘Notifications’ icon and click on ‘Flight mode’ at the right-side bottom corner of your PC.
  2. Therefore, the Wi-Fi connection will become inactive. This will stop the updates temporarily.

There you have it, three methods of pausing updates in Windows 10. Don’t hesitate to use them!

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