How to Use a VPN Solution to Access Restricted Content and Websites

Some countries restrict the access to some websites. For example, China banned all Google services in their country. Before, there was no way to track this. But right now, VPN solutions made their appearances, and they allow you to get access to any website from anywhere. VPNs are also keeping you anonymous on the internet, so it is quite useful to get one.

Why are some websites blocked?

In most the cases, the Government is the one that blocks the access to some websites. They use your IP address to detect your location, and then they restrict the access to some sites. There are many reasons why the Government wants to block some websites. Thet’s mostly because they want to stop rumors from spreading.

There are also some websites, like Netflix, that use your IP address to detect your location, to restrict access to certain content on the site. It happens because every region has its own content restrictions. But with a VPN, things are different. You can get access to that content in no time.

How to access restricted websites by using a VPN

Get a VPN service

There are many out there. Just make sure you get one that supports your browser and your operating system.

Download and install it

Every VPN solution comes with details on how to download it for every device and platform.

Open it

Double-click on the VPN icon to open it and set it up.

Choose a server location

If the website that you want is blocked in your region, you can pick any server from your country. But if you want to get access to a site from another country, make sure you choose the right server. You can change it anytime you want from the appropriate section of the VPN solution that you use.

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