How to Use Google Maps Offline Without Any Problem

Google Maps is one of the most popular navigational apps in the world, offering a rich selection of features without the need to pay a dime. It is a great boon when you want to explore the city or new locations without the fear of getting lost.

In some cases, users may not have access to a viable internet connection, but Google Maps has them covered with the help of a great feature that offers the option to download maps for offline use. Follow the tutorial presented below to learn how to make the most out of mobile maps and navigate in any areas without issues.

How to Use Google Maps Offline

It is essential to set the location and route before the active internet connection is no longer available. To complete this step, the users will have to launch the app on their smart device before they continue.

Use the search bar to track down the desired destination and tap on More ore the three dots menu to reach the download offline map option. Select the option, and the download should start automatically if the device is connected to a Wi-Fi network.

If the user is connected to the internet via mobile data, Google Maps will display a warning, and they have to confirm the download process to finish the task manually. Downloaded maps can be accessed easily via Profile/Offline maps.

The app will use the internal memory of the device to store the maps, but an SD card can be used as an alternative. After an available SD card has been inserted, users will have to launch the map and go to Menu/Offline areas/Settings/Storage preferences. Tap on the SD card to make it the default storage space.

While this mode can be useful, it is limited to driving direction, and a variety of secondary information will not be available in Google Maps.

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